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Remember, when geographically feasible, we’ll do an SEV - free of charge - whether or not you are ready to commit to building with us.

The Complimentary SEV

When working with Timber Frames Unlimited, if geographically feasible, every home design begins with a complimentary Site Evaluation Visit (SEV).

Visiting your building site is the first, and most important, step in the design process we take together. We’ll wander the property and discuss your vision and preferences for your home.

Young Jack Constantino Jack Constantino In 1955, as a fledgling student (yes I had hair then… and it was red) of architecture and engineering, our training began at the site. We still love doing this, and it's a service we provide free of charge - whether or not you decide to build with the TFU/DFC team. Read more about my early history by clicking here.

We'll “pull up a boulder” and brainstorm about dominant views, slopes, access, orientation, plus a hundred other details, and come to some conclusions about the best exterior design, orientation of interior space, and positioning of your timber frame home in its natural setting. We want to be sure to maximize your home site’s best assets while minimizing any existing liabilities. An SEV addresses these aspects early and before the first lines are drawn of your eventual home. Asking and answering the basic questions of an SEV provides a purpose-driven outcome for your project.

Site Access... "How do we get there?" "How far from the main road?" "How much tree removal?"

Energy Efficiency... "Where does the sun rise and set? Where does the wind come from?"

Views... "What is there to see...and where do we want to see it from?"

SCHEDULE an SEV and tell us more about your interest and the current status of your project by submitting this simple form.

Do you currently own the land where you would like to build your timber frame home?

When do you anticipate building your timber frame home?
0-6 Months
7-12 Months
Next Year
Over Two years

What is the primary reason for your consideration of a timber frame home?
Beauty & History
Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
Green Attributes
Design Flexibility
All of the Above

Are you familiar with the timber frame home manufacturing process?

What is the most important feature you will look for in a timber frame home floorplan?
Generous Social Gathering Spaces
Beautiful Master Suite
Chef-style Kitchen
Large Windows
All of the Above

Have you researched any timber frame home floorplans yet?

Do you already have architectural plans or drawings?

What is the best time to call?

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