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A sprinkle of good news for Pennsylvania residents…

“… we encourage those considering managing their own projects to initiate a dialogue with their local building inspectors sooner than later…. TFU has no problem calling your municipality on your behalf…we don’t charge for this. We are here to help.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, Field Managers, TFU~ As a DIYer, designing, managing and building your […]

Want to save $MONEY$? Finish Your Own Floors! Consider Tung Oil?

“… the process wasn’t the most pleasant and Drew thinks I may have incurred a little brain damage from the fumes… However, the reward and DIY savings of beautiful, durable and easy to care for floors was well worth getting up early 4 days in a row! If I had to do it all over […]

A WIFE’s perspective on DIY: How do I make his dream mine?

“I missed waking up on the weekend and wondering what we were going to do with our time off. Our leisurely pace was replaced by planning and executing the seemingly impossible length of our do list for that weekend. Of course things NEVER move as quickly as you think?” ~Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Manager~ In […]

DIYers Beware – Sprinkler Systems Now Required?

“… the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) mandating sprinkler systems in single and multiple residential structures has arrived. Some estimates have a system costing in the neighborhood of $3 per square foot,..others estimate the systems to be between $11,000 and $15,000.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Managers~ Happy New Year to all TFU followers! […]


“One important thing to never forget is that you are still the customer and the ‘friend’ is still the contractor working for you. Just because there is a pre-existing relationship does not permit your ‘friend’ to provide a lesser degree of service or quality of work.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, Field Managers, TFU~ Up to […]


“No matter who designs your home…be willing to share your budget…be realistic with what you can afford, and be flexible..” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Managers~ So…you’ve decided to move forward with your timber frame/SIP home. And you’re planning to be hands-on. Now what? Figuring out what your budget should be or what you […]