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%%% INTEREST ing News! %%%

Home Mortgage Rates WAS 2.75% NOW 4.38% Of great INTEREST to me and very important for our pipeline of prospects and design clients is the current trend for creeping INTEREST RATES. Although still variable week to week…the problem is…they are creeping UPWARD. After reaching historic lows, below 3%, a current 30 yr fixed mortgage can […]

The very best hedge against inflation: investing in a new home

“… a new home represents its highest value point in the last forty years. When adjusted against the impact of inflation over this time period, the investment in new construction unquestionably represents an unprecedented hedge against inflation.” ~Jimmy Vogt, Field Manager, TFU~ Recent trips to the grocery store reveal an obvious and troubling trend – […]

Groupthink… “The ICY HAND of conformity”

“The Timber Frames Unlimited team is among this gallant band of independent thinkers who know there is simply a better way to build a home whose value increases from the first day of occupancy…” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Managers~ Our winter season continues to plod along. Adding to the general malaise was a recent tease […]

Credit reviews equal more closing jitters…

“…go ahead and start the excavation for your flagpole. Spend conservatively, stay in touch with your local lender, and expect the best possible conclusion. Before you know it, you too will be living on ‘TIMBER FRAME WAY.’” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Managers~ Our intrepid field management team always travels with photography gear. As we embark […]