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Why do TREE PEOPLE dance?

“There are more and more mandates to divert wood from the waste stream and for companies to use reused products. I told the folks back home, you know, that I’m running a logging business in sight of the skyline of New York City, and they said, ‘What?’” ~Stubby Warmbold, CitiLog~ The answer may be…Stubby Warmbold, […]

James Ortiz, Woodrow Wilson Middle School wins USGBC-NJ Award

“… in the enormous expanse that is our universe, there only exists one earth, and we need to take care of it for future generations.” ~James Ortiz, 14~ Eighth grader James Ortiz is one of this year’s recipients of the USGBC-NJ Gala K-12 Student Award. Some of his research is focused on carbon capture and […]

Focus on Green Schools – Green Curriculum, Mendham Boro’s Hilltop Elementary School

“…if we bring them the message at virtually any age, children will not only understand it, but put it in to practice. The generation of future adults currently in elementary school will become the deciders for future policy on environmental issues.” ~Jack Costantino, Pres., TFU~ I believe eco-literacy cannot begin early enough. Even five year […]

Book Learnin’ vs. Doin’… What’s Gooder?

“…I didn’t think of myself as dumb. Unfortunately, the school system decided otherwise. When I expressed my feelings of isolation and revealed some resulting low self-esteem, Aunt Henri would tilt her head and smile..and say in her long accentuated Greta Garbo style ‘Dahhhhling…life is all in the doing! Find what it is you love to […]

Green Schools

“We have failed to protect our children and their children’s children. As of this moment we cannot provide a guarantee that they will grow up on a healthy planet. If there is anything which will ever be too big to fail…this is it. Car makers, insurance companies and banks pale by comparison.” ~Jack Costantino, Pres., […]

Green SCHOOLS = GREEN kids

“Even a five year old can reach a light switch. Should we commit to providing our youth with the essential tools for conservation from Kindergarten-up and expose them to Clean Energy alternatives as they travel the learning road, we will raise future generations who will raise their children based on a legacy we can provide.” […]