How about $66.94 / SF for our 1800 SF CLASSIC HOMESTEAD MODEL shown below


Complete Timber Frame, SIP Shell
Farmers Porch and TF Posts
ALL interior floor and wall framing
Roofing, Siding and Exterior Trim
Andersen Window and Door Package
Exterior perimeter drywall
1×8 Pre-Finished, T&G Vaulted Ceiling

COMPLETE Material Only Package Price: $120,500.00*

After over 50 years of experience as a Carpenter/Builder many things have changed. Some haven’t. If there’s a repetitive theme… budget is it.

All agree that Timber Framed, SIP enclosed homes are DURABLE, ENERGY EFFICIENT and BEAUTIFUL. But…are they AFFORDABLE… and how do they compare price wise to conventional STICK FRAMED construction?

Our answer to the question of AFFORDABILITY is an unqualified YES! Are we prejudiced in that opinion… well of course. But not only for the reasons you might suspect.

The homes we live in are not merely containers for keeping us dry and warm. They are truly the largest INVESTMENT most of us worker-bees make in our lifetime.

DURABILITY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY, BEAUTY and increased MARKET VALUE are the ROI of our homes. If a custom design results in more front end investment, the back end provides a substantial payback. If you’ve toured a Timber Frame home, whether a modest design like our 1800 SF CLASSIC HOMESTEAD MODEL1800 SF Classic Homestead or a more ambitious custom design…the experience is the same…JAW DROPPING.

Any well built home will require a significant budgetary commitment…Timber Framed, stick framed of otherwise. At the end of it all the payback and Return On your Investment should guide your choices. We believe that equation is enhanced when investing in our Multi-Generational Homes.

But…don’t take our word for it… visit and meet our homeowners and ask them yourself. CLIK HERE to schedule a tour of TF homes in your area.

*does not include labor, delivery or applicable sales tax… if any

Jack Costantino, Pres. TFU
DFC IR / Field Manager
(908) 876.5262 Office
(201) 230.6429 Cell

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