TFU “Timber Talk”


OK…let’s GUILD this Lily…

Every summer…our Lilies reappear. Needless to say they’re not only beautiful…but incredibly reliable. The pleasure they bring is truly amazing, tangible and appreciated literally…as well as beneath our consciousness. As if they are enjoying us…enjoying them!!!

As we approach another thing of beauty…the TFG CONFERENCE in Manchester, NH, August 7th -10th…TFU wants to GUILD that Lily by offering a…

FULL CONFERENCE SPONSORSHIP, worth $525.00 to an APPRENTICE or STUDENT level participant.

Also…for active STUDENTS / APPRENTICES, engaged in the craft or study of Timber Framing who are not currently members of the TF GUILD, TFU is offering…


To apply for either sponsorship…simply CLIK HERE and provide your contact info. You’ll be notified shortly if you have been chosen. Please include a commentary about your interest in TF, your learning experience, school, shop, etc., to date and your hope for the future. I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

All others should remember to REGISTER for the CONFERENCE early. Attending, enjoying, contributing and participating and these extraordinary gatherings of exceptionally crafty individuals is a very good thing to do.


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