Winter Wonderland. Really???

OK…we surrender! Here are a few reasons why.




1. Vehicles bursting into flames on I-78 East (miraculously no injuries) during my recent trip to Gettysburg, PA to attend the TFBC BoD meeting.

2. Accompanied by my own 540 degree spin out and collision with the guard rail…luckily alone on the road at the time.

3. Buried in 27″ of snow in my OWN driveway. Thanks to Bruce my friend and TOW guy…we are now mobile, after two days of being stranded.

Soooo we’ve decided to leave beautiful downtown Long Valley, NJ and float on down to the land of Umbrella Drinks and warm water. We’re taking a 1000 or so of our best friends on our little cruiser called the Norwegian Gem.


BUT…don’t panic we will be back in action on Thursday, February 27th. In the meantime please connect with our Claremont office with any questions or concerns. Ask for Molly Deluca or Peter Donovan. (800) 636.0993

Jack Costantino, Pres. TFU
DFC IR / Field Manager
(908) 876.5262 Office
(201) 230.6429 Cell

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